BE …….

• a good listener

• a sponge and continually improve skills and absorb knowledge

• an extension of your boss, but don't become a road block.

• aware of the strategic and 'hot' issues for your organisation and have a good 'antenna' for information to bring to the attention of your Executive.

• confident in your abilities: you can manage much more than you might think

• flexible and open to change

• honest and trustworthy with your boss. He needs to know you have his back.

• open and honest in your dealings, embrace change and share knowledge

• technologically savvy

• approachable and keep a cool head

• one step ahead

• open to learn new things

• organised. make a plan and plot your progress

• true to yourself

• have a solution to a mistake instead of relying on someone else to think of a solution

• patient, eye for detail, organisation and communication

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