Event Recap | Escape Rooms - Rouge Agent held on 23rd of September

Fancy a career change as an MI5 Operative? Our September event provided this opportunity when we participated in a Virtual Escape Rogue Agent Event where, as Virtual MI5 operatives for the evening, our mission was to identify, trace and secure the arrest of a notorious Art Thief!

Divided into two teams and under the guidance of experienced undercover field operators, Agent J & Agent…we set out to unearth this elusive character through deciphering clues, solving puzzles and tracing his movements through an envious passport full of exotic destinations visited around the globe in search of his desired antiquities!

An exciting and engaging evening, brilliant fun and an excellent event for teambuilding.

Escapeteamevents.com are offering a discount of 25% for bookings made by 30th of November for the following events:

  • Rogue Agent

  • Sherlock: The Grand Debut

  • Weakest Link

  • Pickled Bingo

  • The Big Quiz

Contact Jan Gelbert on jan@escapeteamevents.com for further details.

Congratulations to winning team - @Irene Coughlan @Carmel Anne @Carol Bergin @Rachel D'Alton @Megan Byrne 🍾🏆 and to @Niamh Smithers @Sianpower27 @Maria-luisa.mullins @Connie Larkin @molloystefanie

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