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Updated: Sep 12, 2021

Our August event was with Brightwater on ‘Let’s talk careers’, a topic we believe is important for an individual but more so in the profession of EA/PA or business support professional. Why do we think it’s important because nobody is going to put you first unless you do it.

In the role of an EA/PA, we have an everyone comes before you mentality and if we asked the question, have you had a conversation about your development with the person you support or even L&D within your company - could you answer yes? The other added factor is the market is busy out there with roles for EA’s/PA’s or business support professionals so if you're looking to move or see your value as more to a company and you want to have the conversation then this session was for you.

You can catch the recording below but here are a few of our key highlights from the session:

  1. The Market. There are jobs out there in a high percentage of the sectors if you want them but it’s a busy market so competition will be strong so put your best foot forward – reinvent the CV, LinkedIn get a friend to review or a professional service. I did and I loved what they came back with it. The other side of the coin will business return as well as companies feeling the need to now have EA/PA when they didn’t before (bonus for those who are looking you get to put your spin on the role 😊)

  2. What are your skills? The roles when you review them are looking for technical and soft skills these days so it’s not all about can you type? A dated view from mad men days when it’s now can you use G-Suite, Microsoft, Zoom, Slack as well as Project management, Problem Solver, Leadership, how do you handle pressure or one I see going around ‘fast paced Environment’. I’d recommend doing a review of your skill set – I'll share a document that you can do with your current boss or just an assessment on yourself. Where are the gaps? How do I fill them?

  3. What’s your career path? Do you have one? The natural progression is junior admin move into more senior to PA to EA to Senior EA or Business Manager or, Chief of Staff (more US but you see it in Ireland at times). Or is it a different career path remember your skill set is it’ Project Manager or Event Co-Ordinator.

  4. So, what’s your salary range or expectations? The information nobody wants to share or it’s the dreaded question. The salaries range depending on industry, location, role, seniority, size of a company, who you may be supporting or what else you do in your role. The higher end salaries you may be selling your sole (open to be corrected) and depends if you love what you do you don’t mind going the extra mile or two. I’d always say know your value or agree to a review after 3 or 6 months when you’ve shown how amazing you are!!

  5. Although we speak about salary you need to look at the over package and what it brings. The base is ok but we all know the tax man takes your hard earn cash so what benefits or bonuses can you work up that help in the view of the package. Pension contribution or if they don’t have one and you're leaving to join, can they bump your salary up to cover the contribution, HealthCare more popular these days on what is offered some are really good and you get the whole family with others it may just cover you and you need to cover the difference so take it into consideration. Bonus, is it annually/quarterly (again taxed) or if you don’t get one maybe if you're working on a project that you agree a project bonus. The other items are tax saver, subsidised canteen or free drinks/snacks/fruit, Gym membership etc. You get the idea. However, think about adding in they pay for a conference a year for you or your own training budget? I’ve built in that the EA PA Forum is paid by my company (negotiated at contract stage).

Elaine spoke about a new role – new beginning, a fear of maybe changing or have changed and not sure it’s right for you. From a person who spent 16 years in financial services I then moved to insurance, telecoms, TV and ecommerce. Change is good, different sectors are good reminder that you have transferable skills and you are adaptable (let's be honest the amount of adapting we do for those we support were like chameleons) the rest you learn as you go – every day is a school day or fake it till you make it.

We had some questions that we spoke into more detail so I recommend checking out the questions and answers towards the end of the recording they covered remote working, salaries, training, job seeking, notice periods.

If you are in a new role or not sure about a new start need advice or can share some tips/tricks or general insight, drop a comment below or jump over to our members chat area. The EA Network Ireland is here for those very reasons having someone to guide, support and more.

Check out the recording & presentation below:

Let's Talk Careers_19 Aug 2021_EA Network Ireland
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