How to turn FOMO into JOMO

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

Have you ever heard of the concept FOMO? (aka. Fear of missing out) In this months newsletter we want to talk about the idea and concept of turning your FOMO into JOMO (aka. Joy of missing out).

When it comes to work life – its easy to get caught up in too many meetings or the ever growing need to read or reply to emails, especially, if you are a part of a global team and as such the demand to always be “available” seeps into your minds. FOMO is prevalent in most offices. We expect to be CC-ed on every email that might possibly relate to our projects or our team, we accept meeting invitations that we don’t really need to attend, and we unhappily glance at the huge number of ‘Likes’ everyone else’s LinkedIn posts seem to attract. By missing out on a call, email or meeting, we worry that we won’t gain that critical piece of information needed to make our project a success. We worry we will miss that moment to shine in our boss’s eyes. And by giving in to FOMO, we waste not just huge amounts of emotional energy, but time. This is when the sirens should go off and you need to reclaim that time. But FOMO won’t magically disappear just because you are aware of it. We need to deliberately turn our FOMO into JOMO – the Joy of Missing Out. Shifting how we think, even ever so slightly will help us to understand that being caught up in the daily grind/chaos that can ensue in work doesn’t need to creep in or affect your life outside of the office. A major symptom of FOMO is the addiction to email – they can be all consuming. Weekends seem to fly by faster than the speed of light. It’s instinct… our weekend activities usually comprise of moments spent trying to push aside responsibilities at work. From staying out late, to oversleeping – some weekend activities can have an effect on our energy and mental health for the week ahead. Here are some ways to catch your breath, and head into the work week feeling rejuvenated:

  • Turn off notifications - Think of your weekend or end of your day as if you’re going away on annual leave... technically, you’re out of office – and the office are where the notifications and reminders should stay.

  • Get some sleep, but not too much of it - Spending extra hours sleeping the weekend away may feel good at first (how ‘bout that snooze button!). However, trying to repay ‘sleep debt’ from lost sleep across the week can have more of a negative effect than good – meaning you head into the week feeling tired and lethargic.

  • Read (just not on a screen) - Away from technology, you could be surprised at how easy it is to get engrossed in that book you’ve been meaning to read. Try the first chapter, and see how far you get.

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