Top 10 Productivity Tips

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

As EAs we are often faced with multiple demands from multiple people – it can be hard to protect your time and focus on the core tasks that you need to achieve. Here are some helpful tips to increase your productivity:

Rework your to-do list

  • What is urgent and important? What can wait, be delegated, or dismissed?

  • Focus on your M.I.T.s (the Most Important Tasks) that need to be done before the end of your day

  • Limit the number of items

  • Don't overstretch yourself

Use a prioritization matrix

  • Like the one seen in the above image

  • Or the “Eisenhower Matrix' can be used for prioritizing your to-do list based on the level of urgency and importance of each task

Build habits to help you start and stop working

  • Create a routine that tells your brain and body it's time to work, e.g. a coffee in the morning

  • Track when and where you're procrastinating

  • Set a firm cut-off time and plan something cool after work

Take more breaks

  • Increase planned breaks, but limit the time waster and distractions

Break up a big project into smaller chunks

  • Use Pomodoro technique to work on just one task for a specified timeslot

  • Group similar tasks together

Avoid Multitasking

  • Focus on just one task at the same time

  • Turn off your email notifications, as they break your concentration

Add an “end of the day” task to your calendar

  • Use the last 30-45 minutes of your day to look into the next day’s agenda

  • While you are sending the last emails and getting ready to end your day, start to listen to some music that will help you to put into your “personal time” mood

Organize your day the night before

  • Whatever you decide to use (paper, word, Trello, onenote, outlook etc), plan your next day the night before, the same you get you used to get your lunch and clothes ready the night before the next day

Always have an agenda for your meetings

  • This help not only you, but also the attendees to focus and prepare for the meetings, so you can make the most out of the time and get into the point straight away

Choose the right communication tool

  • Slack or Teams for short, urgent messages (Tip* Always ask for meeting requests to be sent via email)

  • E-mail if you like to have a digital record and keep track of the projects you are working on

  • Call if you have sensitive information to share, or clarify ambiguities

  • Meetings for larger groups, Q&A sessions, projects updates, brainstorming ideas, etc.

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