#TopTipTuesday - Influencing

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

As EA's, we are constantly working to not only support our executives but also influence our partners, colleagues, stakeholders & customers. Here are our top 10 tips for influencing:

•🤝Establish rapport; Get to know t

hem before asking for their cooperation; Know what motivates them personally

and professionally

•👂🏻Listen and acknowledge their needs first; understand their process and recognize their priorities.

•🚀Recognize your influencing style and act accordingly.

•👥Collaborate on solutions; Find common ground.

•⏲️Be respectful of their time; Be an organized requester; Clarify quickly and be responsive. EAs are already good at

this one 😉

•🗣️Don’t optimize for optics. Gain credibility. Reinforce your conversation with data

• 📑Focus on the point of view of the customer. Be honest and realistic when stating the importance of your request and the impact

• 📬Make clear requests with thorough requirements

• 🚀Take action; Follow up and follow through. Be known as someone who deliver results

• 👊Be authentic; Be pleasantly relentless

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