Tuesday Night Chat Summary

Hi all

I hope your week has been going well. I’m a bit late on the summary from Tuesdays chat but some good chats and tips to share:

🌍 Some global support for our Executives families who have family aboard for college

📱Postitive feedback on the app so great that your all enjoying it

✈️ Travel is back on the cards for some companies but for EA/PAs it’s a new learning on various requirements for travel and remembering how to use in-house travel tools

🛎 Learnt something new about Google’s Concierge for those who don’t have support for personal items. I feel like this could be a business opportunity for someone to get into the bigger companies

📚We had two book recommendations this week from Irene and myself - go check them out one on softer skills and other on the dynamic between an Executive and EA.

Thanks to Megan, Sian and Maria for attending as well as Louise keeping us on time and Irene for chairing.

We look forward to see more of you at our next event.

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