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You may remember an APAI (now EA Network Ireland) evening with Mrs. Smart Money where Kel shared invaluable advice on personal finances and outlined the "6 critical Tenets to Reach Financial Security". One of the tenets is "Pay Yourself First", how? really? what about paying utilities etc, makes total sense when you see its reasoning.

In an interview with AskPaul.ie on FM102 he set out the benefits of saving and set out a challenge you might like to undertake, providing a free beginners and advanced worksheet to guide you in setting up a little treat fund and a well deserved bonus to yourself for 2022!

Mrs Smart Money - Financial Security Blueprint.pdf Home - Mrs Smart Money

Ask About Money & Financial Advice in Ireland | askpaul

beginners (hubspotusercontent-na1.net)

advanced (hubspotusercontent-na1.net)

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